I lost my virginity at 14. Not because i wanted to, but because he claimed he loved me. I said no. But no really isn’t enough. And neither is silence. I cried. After, i stopped caring. Whats the point? 2 months later he started the abuse. Calling me names, being manipulative and controlling. Phsyically and mentally abusive. He had so much power and control... yet i dont know how or why. He made me hate every bit of me. He talked shit about everyone in my family, including my mom. Yet i thought a sorry was okay. I thought i’d never find love again... he cheated. 3 times (that i know of). I would come home with bruises and would tell my family i fell. He wanted to have so much control over me until the day i dyed my hair without his permission.. and he left. I felt so much better. Cried for 2 days but then.. it changed. I felt free. You really don’t need a boy to know your worth. To feel whole. All you need is yourself. He tried calling me and texting me several times. He