The first time I ever experienced being catcalled, I was in middle school. A boy in the grade above me kept calling me things such as “cutie” and “baby.” I told him to stop, he didn’t listen and continued to verbally taunt me with these words. There was a teacher in the room, but she didn’t bother to help me- a 12 year old girl who just wanted to keep to herself. Now, my mother didn’t raise a girl who would just accept verbal harassment like this. I stood up, and I screamed as hard as I could at him to stop. We were in the art room, and the teacher and other students all looked at me. He was shocked that I had the guts to fight back, but still proceeded to throw his hands up and say “Daaamn, I was only joking.”

More recently,, before I quit, my manager (he and I worked alongside each other, prepping food) would often times come behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. Because he was the owner’s of the business’ brother, and he had hired me and was the reason I had a job, I didn’t ever tell him to stop. On top of that, he would always try and get me into other co-workers because I’m a “pretty young thing, who couldn’t possibly stay single” even though I would tell him I wasn’t really desperate for a relationship- not to mention I already had my eyes for someone who he didn’t know. He wouldn’t just do this to me, but to all of the other female workers (including one that was pregnant).

I can’t go back to the place of business now without feeling regret and unhappiness because of him.