For years I was in a relationship with my high school sweetheart. He and I seemed to have it all, even when we were broke we were happy to have each other. There was a hard time when he had to move home. His parents home was a stressful place for me to be, but I visited often. I drove from my apartment a state away as often as I could. One particular night he had just turned 21, I thought a good idea would be to bring us two bottles of a sweet red wine to share. This was before I figured out how little of a tolerance I had back then, so I was significantly drunk by the time he and I were going to bed.

I work jolted up several times by a feeling of something or someone grabbing my ass. His bed he was temporarily sleeping on was a bunk bed, so bellow is was his younger brother. I brushed it off a few times because I was drunk it could have been me not realizing my boyfriend had a wondering hand in his sleep. I was so gravely wrong due to sobering up more through the night I noticed the direction it was coming from. I was terrified, who do I tell? What do I do? My idea was to just switch sides on the bed when I could move. He didn’t stop at just grabbing my ass that time though, so I closed my eyes tight and prayed my sweats being tied tight as hell helped in my favor when I felt his hand at the band. I couldn’t take it so when he moved his hand back down for just a second I switched sides with my boyfriend and tried to sleep, afraid he noticed my side change. He didn’t notice and I know by the jolting of my boyfriend awake once or twice. Finally his little brothers alarm went off for school in the morning and as soon as he was out of the room my boyfriend asked if I noticed it happening I said yes but I was too drunk or scared to say something. My boyfriend confronted his brother and he denied it to us, and to his parents who we came to about this.

They used the classic excuses like me imagining it, and is being drunk and imagining it. After weeks his parents pressured him so much and swore I was out to ruin the family they said if he didn’t leave he was kicked out and at the time he couldn’t afford to move out. We’re still close but I have not forgotten the event since. Years have passed and he’s now convicted for sexual assault to another girl.