It was the weekend before my birthday and my best friend of 2 years was holding a joint birthday party for us at his house (we were born one day apart). The party was like any usual party, drinking, dancing and having fun but not for me. That night is a night that will replay in my mind constantly like a video stuck on replay. The night was drawing to an end and i was looking for any area to sleep, wether it be a bed or a sofa. I couldn’t find any where so I took comfort on the floor; I noticed my bestfriend cleaning and got up to help him out. After we had finished cleaning he told me he was heading upstairs to his room where there was a free bed, he offered me to stay with him instead of sleeping on the floor. He was my BESTFRIEND I had no reason not to trust him, In fact I trusted him more then anyone there. Anyway, we headed up to his room and we put on some of “the walking dead” episodes on as it was a series we both were interested in. It’s getting late and I slowly notice myself nodding of while watching the program, and eventually I do fall asleep. Eventually I woke up, I looked down and noticed that my bestfriend was sexually assaulting me. I’ve always said to myself that IF i got in that situation I would defend myself but that was so untrue. I froze like a deer in headlights, I was betrayed, hurt and scared. I led there for 15 mins frozen in fear with tears streaming down my face, I was waiting for the opportunity to leave as for some reason I felt to blame and I didn’t want him to know that I knew but also I was so worried he would turn violent if I tried to escape (the door was locked). he eventually stopped and left the room, I immediately to the opportunity to run and I didn’t stop. I ran through the fields surronding his house and I felt completely emotionless I was no longer the girl I knew. At this time I was dating my ex and my worst feared had happened, I woke up and attended school the next morning, like usual but as soon as I was walking to my next lesson I was tormented by comments like “cheater” and I had boys in my own year telling me about how my assaulter had gone round bragging that he had “fingered me” but little did everyone know, I never said yes, I was asleep, he preyed on me. My own bestfriend. I’ve decided to share my story because I’ve heard so many alike and worse then mine, some from very close friends. This is not okay and I want everyone affected to know your are not alone, you are not to blame.