I was dating a boy shortly after I moved to my current city. His friend used to take me home from his house since it was on his way, and he had a girlfriend so I don’t see what the big deal was. One night my boyfriend, his friend, and I were sitting in the garage joking around and time passed and it was time for me to go home. The vibe I was getting from him was different than it had ever been in the past 10 months of him taking me home. He took a different road to my house while trying to touch my leg and rub up on me. I told him to stop touching me and scooted closer to the door, and he just drove slow, and before I could even react to what was happening he forced me to give him a blow job.

I hid it from everyone for 4 months, things were okay he didn’t come over to my boyfriends anymore so I thought I could just forget it happened and then he came around again.. it was like he was taunting me. Everytime I would see his truck I would have a panic attack, I would see him and feel sick to my stomach

I finally told my boyfriend, his grandparents, and a kid who was like my big brother at the time
We all confronted him and he brought a mutual friend who accused me of lying about it and he denied the entire thing. About a year later he says that I did it willingly but no one caught on to his slip up in his story.

I still see him around my town and I panic but not as bad. I’ve accepted it was not my fault and I push through, I will never let him have that kind of power over me again.