My scars tell a story of nothing but good only really ugly. I came from an abusive home so when I met this man I was 17 and he was 36. Within two weeks of meeting him I left my abusive home witch I thought would be the end.

For the first 6 months it was a party sex, drugs, and a whole lot of drinking. Wow it was fun so I thought. Then he quickly turned and became obsessive and then the blows started to come in. Well that was the end to any friends and family. That's what life I came to know 14 long years of beatings and put downs.

When I had his child it became even worse. From weapons held to my head and one night he even shot me in the leg. Looking back I should have left him but I stayed a little while longer. Then he went after our child and I got the he'll out of there. To this day I have to be very careful because he is still out there and he manipulates so well people do not know the man I know.

I am finally starting to heel after 17 years’ time to really set myself free. To all the women out there so not let any of the abuse define you and make the change in to what you accept.