There was one guy I was with who seemed like a really nice guy at first. He was always sweet and romantic. But then he started to slowly point out my flaws. He’d mention I was getting fat, my voice sounded annoying to him, I was too clingy (we barely texted or called at this point), etc. Then it graduated to him making me starve myself. He’d stalk me to keep track of my eating habits. He would beat me if he thought I ate too much, or if he thought I was intentionally avoiding him to eat. I lost almost 100lbs in about 3 months.

I was always sick because of the sudden weight and dietary changes so I never went over to his house. He started to text and call me constantly and he’d leave threatening voicemails, saying he’d find me and he’d beat the shit out of me for lying and cheating on him. When I attempted to leave, he’d threaten to commit suicide and blame me entirely in his suicide note. Anytime me and my dad moved, he’d move with us to keep me twisted around his finger. I finally risked it all by exploding on him and screaming about how shitty of a person he was and I never wanted to see him again.

He attempted to hold me back with force but I turned around and punched him in his jaw. Fractured 2 bones in my hand in the process but me and a trusted friend went to state police and reported him. Gave them printed copies of our texts and they listened and recorded the voicemails he left me. He’s currently rotting in prison for the next 20 years after 5 other of his ex’s stepped forward with me and presented evidence against him too. I now have a wonderful fiancé and an adorable daughter. There are ways to escape abuse, you just got to be strong and have people you can trust. Stay strong!!