I was just 25 year old single mother trying to make it on my own. My boyfriend at the time had broken up with me and kicked me out of the house. I had nowhere to go. I ended up having to send my daughter to stay with her dad and with staying in a house that was on some land connected with a flooring company. One of the workers there talk to his boss and the boss let me stay in the house it so I can get on my feet.

I was there probably only about a month and I bought myself a new car and I was working at a hospital. I started saving my money and I was doing really well. One of the workers is head started hitting on me during the time that I was staying there but I didn't really think much of it. It was mother’s Day so that morning I left and I picked up my daughter and I went to go see my mom and I was gone most of the day. When I got back the worker was at the house. And he look like he was in a rage. He came running at my car before I got out and it scared me so I tried to roll the window up.

He put his hand inside of the window and got inside of my car. He started punching me my head, screaming at me and calling me names. At the time I had some rap music playing in my car and this guy was like a racist. And I just remember him yelling at me saying you like niggers you like niggers let me show you what it nigger does. Then he threatened to slit my throat if I didn't do it he told me to do to he grabbed my head and started making me suck his dick. He kept telling me that if I threw up on him he would split my throat. Of course of this point I'm crying and gagging on my own tears. He just kept making me suck his dick then he told me to get on top of him.

his point I thought that I could escape my vehicle. So I told him I have to get out of the car in order to get on top of him. When I tried to get out of the car I tried to run and he chased me and pulled me back to the car by my hair. At this point I had to get on top of him and ride his dick. I just remember there was no room in my legs were so tired and kept threatening me if I was to stop. Finally he let me get off of him because I pretty much collapse on top of him. Then he drag me inside of the house in cornered me and the kitchen. I remember him talking on the phone to his brother telling him that he was going to teach me how to obey like a dog. Then he threatened to burn my face on the stove. I just point I was scared the death I just wanted to run out of there. I was too scared to run because he told me that he would kill me and find my daughter. Then he took me to the bathroom and maybe take a shower at this point he walked away with my purse and my phone. I just remember sitting on the toilet too scared to get in the shower.

I kept thinking that as soon as I got in the shower he would come in there and hurt me again. And I kept imagining myself getting beat up in the shower and slipping and probably end up dying in the bathtub. So I kept getting in the shower and getting back out getting back in and getting back out. At this point he was really distracted because he was sitting in the bedroom going through my phone. I'm assuming he took my phone in my purse to keep me from running. When I got out of the shower I came out and I told him that I needed to get my clothes out of my car. At this point he told me to put on his clothes. So I had to get dressed and put his clothes on. And I just sat there in fear watching him go through my phone. Knowing that he's obviously psycho obsessed with me and anything he finds in my phone is just going to piss him off more.

I was crying begging him to let me get a cigarette out of my car when in reality I was just trying to figure out a way to escape. He then told me how stupid I was and that the car wasn't locked in to go ahead and get a cigarette. At this point I went out to my car and I figured he was watching me. So I looked through the window and I saw him still sitting there going thru on my phone. I had just recently bought my car so I got the title out of my car in my wallet and I decided to hide those two things in the bushes before going back inside. So I hid in the bushes and then it crossed my mind again that maybe I should run. So I peeped back in the window and I noticed that he was starting to get up. At that very moment I ran I got the title to my car and my wallet out of the bush.

This all started at 10 at night and it was about 2 in the morning. As soon as I grabbed it out of the Bush I started running for my life. Of course didn't have any shoes on and was wearing his clothes. I ran to the neighbor's house and I was so scared I was banging on the door but I was trying to be quiet about it because I figured he could hear me if he came outside looking for me. Nobody answered the door because it was 2 in the morning so I just went in. I just remember walking around these people's house in complete darkness trying to find a phone or a light switch. I ran into some stairs and I walked up the stairs and I was crying trying to be quiet saying help me help me. A man and a woman walked out in their pajamas with a gun they actually thought I was their daughter asking for help.

I kind of told him what happened and I said please give me a phone I need to call the cops. They gave me a phone and I called the cops. The man walk me down stairs and at this point I was so scared because we are right next door to where this guy is. And I already knew at this point he realized I was gone. So I was just severely scared and I just kept telling the cops to hurry and the guy sat there with a gun and I kept thinking that the other guy who raped me was going to come over there and kill us all because I ran. By the time the cops got there I was yelling at them telling them to go to the other house and not to me before he got away. But by the time they went to the other house my rapist was in my vehicle.

Somehow backed up jumped out of the car and escaped before the cops could arrest him. It was dark so they didn't see where he ran to but he was still on the property. It didn't have a search warrant so they just surrounded the house thinking that he was inside of the house again. And I kept telling him that why would he be stupid enough to block himself inside of a house when we're right in front of a whole thing of woods behind the house. Once they got a search warrant and went inside the house they realize he wasn't in there. So I really started freaking out because my daughter wasn't with me. So I had to call her dad and tell him what happened which was really embarrassing just so he can protect my daughter. Then the cops took me to a hospital and made me do a rape test kit.

Where they ask me a million questions and took pictures of every inch of my body. That was traumatizing and itself. After leaving the hospital it turns out the detective had contacted my mom and my mom the next morning came and picked me up and I had to go stay like Three Counties away from where I was staying. The cops still haven't found the guy yet. It took 10 days for the cops to finally arrest him. They had impounded my car as evidence and I was not allowed to live where I was living anymore because that's where I was raped. So at this point I was homeless. I lost my job for missing 10 days of work. My car was impounded by the police. I didn't have a car key because somehow he escaped with a car key. And my cell phone. I ended up getting my car out of impound and pretty much had to live in my car for a couple months until I could get back on my feet. It's been about 2 years since this happened... And I feel like I'm getting better now but for the first year after this happened even knowing that he was in jail I was still in such fear for my life.

He knew who I was he knew who my daughter was and I kept thinking that he was going to hire somebody to come and kill me for going to the police. I didn't tell anybody where I live for a whole year I didn't talk to any of my friends for a whole year. My own family didn't know where I live for a whole year. I used to sleep with stuff stacked up in front of my door so if he or anybody else try to break in I would hear it and have a chance to wake up. This man still knows how to get in contact with me. He has had his family pretty much stock me. I have gotten letters from him with my last name as his last name on the letter. I have gotten phone calls from his family members... This is a man that won't leave me alone.

I have been blackmailed and even manipulated to try and help him get out of jail early by him and his family. Try to make me feel bad for him. Anyways it's probably the worst experience I've ever had in my life that's the closest to death I've ever been. I'm really surprised I made it out of there alive that night but I still feel that when he gets out of prison... He will find me and he will kill me.