I was in a relationship for nearly 5 years and had a baby with the person. He cheated on me numerous time within those 5 years and made out it was my fault and I had made him do it. He pretended he couldn’t remember things and would make me feel bad about confronting him. He pretended me and my daughter didn’t exist half the time and I did everything whilst trying to juggle looking after a child.

All he did was sit on his Xbox all day. In the end I had, had enough and wanted to leave and he ended up making extremely personal comments about my body and forced me to have sex with him. He smashed up my stuff and threatened me with a hammer. When I tried to call for help he cut he phone lines and took my mobile and held me hostage overnight.

When I finally managed to escape I then had the battle of getting back into my home and making him leave. He is now at the other end of the country and not allowed anywhere near me or his daughter. I escaped from a horrible toxic relationship where I was made to feel like nothing but a piece of trash and I still struggle to this day to look in the mirror without feeling like I am not good enough but I have the right support in place and I am moving forward.

I loved him more than anything and I thought I couldn’t live without him but now I am happy with my little girl and living life to the full without him. He leaving was the best thing that ever happened for me and my little girl.

A. Hutchison