Let me start by saying each and every victim of some sort that is reading this, you are strong, you are good enough, you are important!
My story happened 10 years ago, I was 10 years old when all my happiness and excitement was ruined. I stayed with my aunt a lot when I was younger, I absolutely adored her and how kind hearted she was! She was married, had kids but the marriage didn't last and she got her kids every other week. So I was staying with my aunt one day and it was also one of the days my aunt got her kids. We all had a great day, it was fun my aunt always made sure there was a smile on our face but anyways skip to later that night when we're all settling down to go to sleep, I slept in my cousins room while he slept on the couch, I thought a lot of him he was the coolest cousin in the world or so I thought.

Later on that night when everyone is finally asleep is when my life turned upside down. I was asleep, when all the sudden I wake up because I feel someone sit down on the bed, remember I was 10 so I was pretty frighten because I knew everyone should of been asleep, I open my eyes a little to see who it could be and it was my cousin that I thought so highly of. I thought maybe he's just hanging out in here because it is his room so I just doze back off feels like maybe 3 minutes before I felt something touching me in my area that should have never been touched at that age.

I panicked I had no idea what was happening all I knew was I was scared. I just laid there until I had enough courage to run to my aunts room and lay in bed with her but my night wasn't over yet, he followed me in her room and laid at the bottom of the bed just looking at me like he would kill me if I said anything. Mind you my aunt was still sound asleep so she had no clue either of us was in there with her. I was so scared that I didn’t want to close my eyes because he had me traumatized. I was confused he was supposed to protect me from harm not be the one to harm me. The next day I went home as soon as my aunt woke up, I never told her what happened that night and sadly I'll never get too, she passed away 2 years later.

This is the first time I've came out about my story I'm 20 years old now and my advice for anyone going through anything traumatic please don't stay silent for as long as I did, you will feel nothing but anger, hurt, and confusing. Just know that it wasn't your fault for what happened, there are evil people in this world, disgusting people. You are not them you are better you are stronger! Keep pushing yourself to be the good in the world and just know we can all get through this together.

B. Colwell