I had a really close friend that I had known since we were kids. I totally trusted him, so much so that he was my "safe" date for family functions, even though we were just friends. Anyway, one day we ended up changing the parameters of our friendship, we slept together. It was consensual and with no strings attached. As time went by we occasionally got together, still no strings. Then one night, when we were in his bedroom he gets up to go to the restroom, and doesn't return. I was left there in the dark, undressed and just waiting. I didn't have my glasses on so when a figure came into the room I figured that he remembered that I was there. Next thing I knew I was pulled up from the bed and taken from behind. Not being able to see I didn't realize at first that this was not my friend. Not until he said something. I had to fight my way out of the room while my friend's roommate called out that he didn't understand why I freaked out to my friend. I in no way ever gave my consent to be with this other person and I surely never gave my consent to being handed over to him in anyway. Needless to say that a few days later they both apologized. However, I later learned that my "friend" was spreading rumors about me and about that night. Suddenly everyone we knew thought that I was such a slut for being with the two guys. No-one realized that I had been taken advantage of by both of them, my friend for betrayal of my trust and his roommate for everything else that happened that night. Needless to say I no longer associate with either one of these men, but the lies continue to this day with my friend swearing that he had nothing to do with it and that it is not true. Except...it is totally true.