I was 17 when I met my ex Joshua. He told he would take care of me and I could leave my parents’ house and not worry about anything. I ended up pregnant shortly after and had my 1st baby right before my 18 Bday. He convinced to marry him. Literally the day after we got married he started hitting me. Bad!!! 2 years and 2 more babies later nothing has changed and now he’s added guns and choking me to the point of passing out to the abuse. I started stripping because he lost his construction job.

I should’ve known. He started pimping never out. Putting me on back page and CL. He would beat me black and blue if something happened like a slow night or a customer’s CC didn’t go through. At one of the clubs I made really good friends the DJ. He will come into play later.... one time he sent me on a call downtown and I showed up there was 6 guys who raped me to the point my insides had to be put back in. He set that up because I didn’t come home on time the night before a 2 week hospital stay he was late!!! Every night I would go to this specific club because the manager would help me and listen to me. We had an unspoken love. Fast forward 5 years it’s about 2015.

I had stopped dancing for about a year because I was making more money just prostituting. I go back to the club. The manger was still there I was so relieved to see a familiar face. I fall into an alcohol every type of drug I can get my hands on spiral. I was back to getting beat really bad because I refused to walk the streets and go dance. I came home one night he tried to kill me. He choked me to the point that my wind pipe cracked and he thought I died. He had the 2 other young girls that he conned into his BS to get rid of me. Thank god they shoved my phone in my pocket and took me to ER.

I was in the hospital for over a month getting surgeries on my throat. And having to learn how to eat and normal stuff be my throat was so messed up. The manager friend said he was stepping he’s seen enough. That night I went home with him. The next day my ex showed up at the club with a gun. And as we were leaving he drove up and pulled the gun out and cocked it. The manager we will call him Angelo stepped in front of me and the security threw me back in the building. The cops were called and he was taken to jail. After that night Angelo never left my side. He got me out of dancing. And drug counseling.

He went to every meeting and wiped every tear. Right now we’re engaged and we had a baby. He’s about to adopt my older 3 kids because my ex mother won’t let me see them. It’s been 2 years my lawyer says we’re so close to winning. And my ex just got convicted of 10 years to prison. For sexual trafficking. An assault with a deadly weapon. And stalking. I truly can say if you keep your head up and say no it can change. You just have to keep trying.