A guy I met through mutual friends of coworkers with a very reputable high ranking job as a personal body guard for the rich & famous based out of the Hamptons had decided to send me a friend request via FB which I readily accepted, I mean, what could go wrong and he had to be a decent guy, none of my mutual friends would ever suggest a creep for me to meet, with the possibility of having time to spend in the future if all things worked well.

Well, as time went on, his pm"'s to me started to lean towards the lore suggestive nature and I would always manage to veer the conversation in a different direction and again, I’d start to feel more at ease. One evening, he was really aggressive and borderline suggestively graphic asking me super intimate questions that he'd justify so as to downplay the fact that underneath the facade of this successful, well established personal body guard to the extremely rich & famous lay a disgusting, sociopath of a predator.

I had rebuked his advances, and more than once told him I was not comfortable with speaking to him any longer and wished to sever ties and leave the friendship on amicable terms. The next a.m. when I went to check my messages, there were 2 msgs in which both had videos attached. From a glance and at the beginning still, it looked as if he were just sitting in this magnificent kings chair in obviously a client’s home office...it wasn’t...it panned out to the back of his head where suddenly he turned around and had this big grin, with a blonde young girl early 20s looking, chain attached to her by her neck.

He then proceeded to force her to perform every sex and he told her to fo  ...the entire time holding huge white cardboard signs he made into huge flash cards each one a single word written on it " Hi Gena, you are next". !! Clearly you could hear the girl’s voice muffled as it was stuffed with his man part while he held her head down onto him. Through this whole scenario lasted maybe four minutes it felt like an hour I was dumbfounded I was scared I was disgusted I was shocked I didn't even know what to say let alone what to do who to tell!

Not only did I forward it to Facebook security teams I also sent it to the police department there in New York I can't remember the division it was obviously the in the Hamptons and send a few copies to some friends, who lived out there whom I do not know how they chose to handle it for me but neither Facebook nor the police did anything about it let alone even bother to ask who she was if I knew who the girl was nothing and clearly this girl was distressed!!

It cost me so much emotional trauma and shut down my entire Facebook page for a week and I uninstalled messenger and that was over a year ago and to this day I am very leery about who messages I choose to accept and read aside from family and very close friends! The PTSD from this event is very real and still very scary when I think about it. My stomach churns as I write you this story! Please excuse my grammar as I am too shaky to type and I'm using talk to text with a lot of hesitation!

It makes me sick but nothing was done about this other than what and how my friends handled it and even then I don't know what happened. Once in a while Facebook has this Auto generated people you might want to add as friends feature and I will see his profile as I'm scrolling by, even though I have him blocked!!