So my story begins 4 years go. Single mother of a 1 year old boy and met a man. He was great I thought I had hit the gold. Lovely to me and my son and did everything he could to make us happy for 2 years we lived a simple happy life. I fell pregnant and things changed when he was born. At 2 weeks old my little boy was lay in his pram when his farther launched at me with a knife. Pinning me in the corner of the room his eyes were pure evil I fell on my older son’s wooden trike and broke it.

He was there screaming. I was petrified. Over the next couple of days he apologized for his cations and promised it wouldn't happen again I believed him but low and behold it happened again and again he sold my children's things and stole money to gamble and take drugs. My life was hell 2 weeks ago I pulled myself together and decided I didn't want my boys being like him I went to the police after another incident with a meat clever he tried to cut off my fingers and slice my neck I thought I was going to die.

He was arrested and charged but also released on bail I have not been in my house since then and I am still living the nightmare. I cannot go back to my house until the police say it’s safe to do so. I am happier in myself now not being controlled and held gains my own will. My boys are happier and smiling. I hope people going through this find the strength I did as yes its hard but this is your life and u have every right to live it the way u want.