I met a boy august 2015. His name was Ryan he first messaged me on Facebook on the 4th of august. He was full of compliments he made me feel amazing. I had a baby 10 months old previous to this so my confidence levels were at an all-time low I lost my granny a few months previous as well making me vulnerable.

He was 8 years older than me and I thought god literally spat him out he was perfect to me. Time went on and he met my baby he was fantastic better than anyone I had met before. He was in fact too good to be true. 4 months past and he was basically living with us. One night he came in drunk (this was becoming a frequent thing) he passed out and when he woke up he accused me of looking threw his phone this perfect 10 out of 10 man that I thought I knew changed dramatically literally in the blink of an eye.

He sat on top of me on my bed with his hand around my throat and the other hand punching the wall that my head board rested on. He was shouting 'tell me what you seen on my phone) I didn't go on his phone so I couldn't tell him what I seen he was squeezing my throat to much that I got strength from nowhere and I managed to get out under his legs he followed me into the hall breaking my child's pram punching my walls he then threw me from the top of the hall to the bottom at which point my baby woke up and I managed to calm Ryan down and see to the baby I grabbed the baby and ran out of our house shoeless down the street.

He came after me sobbing like a baby begging me to come back inside and talk. I forgave him. The next few weeks were brilliant. Then it happened again. Then again and again and again and again. February 14th (Valentine's Day) I was accused of meeting another boy he got so crazy that he got me to the ground sat on me and punched me over and over until I blanked out. I woke up with a much bruised face and a permenately disfigured nose. I ended it.

I left forgetting about the 10 thousand naked photos and videos he had of me. 10 days past and my best friend who I had recently fell out with phoned me telling me he sent her everything all the photos and all the videos not only that but that she was going to send them to everyone. This was what he done he manipulated her like he had done me into doing his dirty work for him. 3 in the morning and my photos were viral.

I had enough and I phoned the police who I told everything to. 2 years later and I faced him again only this time standing in the witness stand in a high court re living the hell he put me threw because he plead not guilty to everything. 8 days of trial and the day of verdict he changed his plea to guilty. He was bailed and let out a month later giving 300 hours community service oh and not to forget the building better relationships course. Justice? No. But I got on with it I built a new life for me and my baby in a new town with new people.

I made new friends I made brilliant memories and I'm still here living my life. Moral of the story don't u dare give up. I love my life now and back then there was so many so many times I wanted to give up and if I had... if I had let him win I wouldn't be here to love the life I live now. I wouldn't be here to see how well and clever my little boy is. Karma will come and people like him will never be happy they can't love