So growing up and now I tend to be tomboyish. I used to play sports professionally since young age so my figure wasn't muscly but it wasn't very feminine either in my teenage years. So my classmates had fun pointing out that with my short hair I resemble boy more than a girl.

It didn't help that I grew quite tall quite fast and was nick named a walking pole. Another thing that was bullied was my name and my stubbornness. Due to uprising in my family I was very strongly opinionated and that didn't sit well with boys because they didn't like being told off. So everything I said or every move I made was ridiculed and made fun of.

That got me depressed and suicidal and thanks to my cousin I was put in strong medication. The whole thing with bullying- I could take it like a champ when it happened in school but cyber bullying and sly comments on social media were harder to deal with cause my actual friends and family members could see them. Few years later due to health problems I had to quit sports and started stress eating and combined with antidepressants I started gaining weight. And in few months from a skinny teen I turned into fat miserable tomboy who hid behind books and emo lifestyle.

Bullying intensified sometimes growing from mental to physical abuse but thanks to my cousins I knew how to defend myself and after few fights that I've won physical abuse stopped. I never told school about stuff because I didn't want to draw any attention to myself. I was already getting enough due to my late grandma being a teacher there. So abuse continued for good 4 to 6 years until I stopped caring and with friends help and intense therapy I didn't need my meds.

Whole situation seemed worse when I was going through it because my mom doesn't believe that depression is real and didn't think that bullying affected me that much. Plus I having sociopathic tendencies and a lot of anger management issues due to medication was overlooked by my parents as well. Now I'm 3rd year in university in completely different country having time of my life.

I cut all ties with my old life and I enjoy present. Have loving friends and boyfriend high school seems like a bad dream in a past that now I can laugh about