Since a very young age all I've ever been is a name on the system... going through care homes, foster cares and then hostels all I wanted was to feel loved. Shortly after my 17th birthday I met who I thought would be my savior! He sold drugs and was well respected by a lot of people! He treated me so well! Bought me everything I ever dreamed of! I was finally being loved! But is wasn't long before that all started to fade... he became so possessive and I quickly realized he was an alcoholic.

I wasn't allowed out with any of my mates, he had access to all my social media accounts and when he came in drunk I had to endure constant verbal abuse! This wasn't for me... I told him it had gotten too far and I wanted to end it. He began stalking me! Sitting outside my hostel for 6-7 hours at a time, 100 phone calls a day, turning up at friends’ houses looking for me! This went on for weeks but thankfully his criminal past caught up with him and he was sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Everything went back to normal. I got myself my own flat and started building my life until one night I was out with my friends and bumped into him... he bought me a few drinks and one thing led to another and he ended up in my flat.. I woke up instantly regretting it, I told him I was drunk and it should never have happened! Every day from then on he was battering my door, peeping through my windows, listening through my letter box and even shoved his penis through it!

One night I was in with my pal and the door went, through the spy hole I couldn't see anyone so I opened the door, before I could even take in what was going on he came from nowhere and starting slashing my face and cutting my hair with a knife! "If I can't have you no one will" my pal locked herself in the room and called the police whilst I was in a curled into a ball on the floor getting stabbed over and over!

He had bail conditions not to be anywhere near me so when police eventually arrived and caught him I knew this was it! I would finally be free from him forever! I got 47 stitches over my face head and back! He was fully committed and is up for sentencing in April... to anyone going through domestic violence I'd say SPEAK UP and stay strong! You’re not alone!