My domestic violence started when I was in the womb... my Father beat my Mother and sister until my Mother walked away when I was just under a year old.

Unfortunately she repeated this in quite a few of her relationships and sometimes the lifestyle I was exposed to was far from ideal for a child.
At 14 I began a relationship with a man who was 17. The first year was bliss of course but by the time I was 15 he had isolated me from all my friends (spitting in my best friend's face one day) I was being grabbed/pushed/slapped daily along with verbal abuse as well.
When my mum found out she tried her best to get me away from him but I ended up leaving and moving in with him. Once I lived with him the true evil began.

He was now punching mainly arms and legs but face a few times, he would chase me with an aerosol can and lighter lit up to a massive flame threatening to burn my hair or face. He drowned me, nearly to death in the bath one day I remember saying goodbye to my life thought I was going to die. By this time I had actually tried to escape a couple of times from the house but he caught me. I was locked in the house and only went out with him. He was raping me now, tying me up sometimes and using different things to penetrate me with.

One day out the blue after begging and begging he left me at the end of my sister’s road, I was allowed to go and see her and my nephew for an hour. I never went back, never went to the police just got on with my life.

It obviously caused its damage and I went on to have 3 more violent relationships. It has made me very skeptical of relationships all together, it has given me a hard exterior that people often think I'm 'bitchy' and I'm really not!

One man I took to court and he was sent to prison for 5 assaults on me including a kick and stamp to the head.
Like anyone going through any violence in their life it takes time to get over and I don't think you ever do fully you just accept it. To any woman that reads this and has alarm bells going off about your man that they could have violent tendencies

I ignored hence why I've been through it so many times!

Women are supposed to be adored and cherished not abused like we are nothing.

I would never accept a man even raising their voice to me now.
I also like to think I can spot the typical type of man that would hit a woman now and have steered clear of a few dates just on my gut.
Thanks for reading my story

please ladies all know your self-worth, we are all goddesses :)

J. Jevons