I worked as a holiday rep in turkey for 7 months, I was having the summer of my life, and everything was amazing. A couple of days before I was due to leave and come back home, it happened. It was like any other night, gone out for a few drinks with friends. On my way home, I was taken into an apartment and forced to go upstairs, I could hear other voices in the house. I was so scared. The man forced me to take my clothes off, and forced me onto the bed, when he began to rape me. I remember thinking just close your eyes and keep your head down, it will soon be over. I saw a silhouette at the door and could see someone else stood there. I shut my eyes again. They took it in turns raping me. My only thought was to take in as much detail of the men and the surrounding as I could, if I struggled and screamed I would most probably not be writing this now. This went on for what seemed like hours. Only there were now 4 men all around me. I felt sick. The morning came and I managed to get dressed and run back to my apartment. I think they used the words "give her 5 minutes, I think she's tired." I did not let this change who I am as a person, I remained strong, I informed the police, I did a rape kit, and I wanted these monsters locked up so they couldn't do this to anyone else. Of course they walked free to carry on their lives as normal, the justice system failed me. Hopefully karma will not.