At 16 I was manipulated into a relationship, using my depression to break me down. From the start I was emotionally and verbally abused by someone that supposedly loved me, and a month in the sexual assault began. It lasted three more months, at which point I was extremely suicidal but finally had the strength to leave him. That triggered another year of cyber abuse, and just as it came to an end I was porn revenged by a person who knew what had happened with my abuser. He used how vulnerable I was feeling to gain my trust, and pushed me to breaking point.
It took two years for me to learn to label the things I had gone through, and another for me to begin to move past the trauma and trust another person with my body again. During the process I abused alcohol and pain killers, but I am over a year sober now. I still suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD to this day among other mental illnesses, but I know I am so strong for what I’ve been through.