I have a few stories to pick from, but my most recent one was my last ex. We will call him Grant. Grant was a nice guy. He was super sweet when he talked to me and we had become fast friends and very soon partners. When we started dating, he kept trying to tell me that my closest friends were no good for me and tried to keep me away from them. He wanted me to spend all of our time outside of classes together, even when we slept. I sadly listened. Eventually I was never without him, he knew everyone I talked to, my schedule, everything. One day he told me to open up to him about why I was upset, after a bit of pushing I finally started to, and he interrupted me to tell me he doesn't care. I lost it. I kicked him out of my dorm and deleted him from my life. Sadly it wasn't that easy. He spread rumors across campus about me, he stalked me for a month, and he raped me 4 times. Eventually the semester ended, and thankfully, so did him. I'm thankful that after it all I'm okay for the most part, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone.