Wow, where do I start? Pretty much my whole life has been filled with all sorts of abuse. Starting from a child, my mother, siblings and I were terrorized by my abusive alcoholic father who would constantly beat us. I can recall having to call 911 at the age of 5 for my mother, my father had beaten her up and she was 8 months pregnant. There was so much blood, she ended up losing what would have been my baby brother. There was a time that he had beaten up my sister so much that she needed stitches on her head. At the age of 3 I was sexually abused by a family member, and then again at the age of 12 by a family friend. I had a step sister who made me engage in sexual activities by pretending we were playing “house” I was the bride and she was the groom and we had to “touch” like grownups do. I ended up moving away and got married where I suffered from emotional abuse, my husband was extremely controlling. Every day he reminded me of how worthless I was, at that point I completely believed him since I never knew what Love was, I thought that was it. I ended up having a daughter and that’s when I was reborn. I gave birth to a little girl but I also gave myself life again. I left that marriage and concentrated on loving myself. But I continued to do self-harm, cutting myself or hurting myself. Eventually one day I came to realize how blessed I was and I was tired of the pain so I began to be happy, I got the survival tattoo on my wrist (my first tattoo) to always remind myself of how strong I really am and how far I’ve come. My daughter has been my biggest blessing and I continue to look for the good in the world. Although I went through hell, I never gave up hope in life. I make it a mission every day to make someone else’s day better. Now I am in a healthy happy relationship and I constantly speak about my past and my actions in hopes that I can maybe help someone that has gone or is going through what I went through. I am me and I am free