Hi. So my name is Destiny. I’m 17 from Vancouver ❤️ when I was 14, I was kidnaped from my home at about 5 in the morning. 2 guys grabbed me put a bag over my head and carried me to the car while I screamed and fought. They took me to an apartment building where they had access to an unfinished room in the basement (nobody ever came down). They tied me to the bed and left for about 10 or so hours. When they came back, they started raping me and hitting me. I prayed to any god that could hear me, but no one did. I then realized it wasn’t the work of god doing this, it was something much more evil. The first day I spent staring at the wall across from the bed I was on. I was scared to cry because every time I cried when they were there they would hurt me or try and shove things down my throat to make me shut up. They gave me nothing to eat or drink, except for on the fifth day they gave me half a glass of water, pretty much to make sure I wouldn’t die. On the seventh day they drugged me and brought me to a hair salon inside of a mall to change my way I looked (i.e. hair skin color etc.) I was too high to say or do anything except walking. I could walk. They stood with me the entire time I got my hair done. Eventually when I looked like a whole new person, they brought me back. That was when I knew I had to escape. So it took me a few hours, and a lot of rope burns but I got out of the restraints, found a window that had been boarded up, used my fists to punch through it and pull myself up and out. I then ran to a McDonalds with no clothes on begging for help. I survived. I don’t know how, but I did. I just wish for everyone that has had something even relatively like this happen to them, to speak up. You have a voice, and a life worth living. Thanks for listening ❤️

D. gettings