From age 11, I was bullied, beaten and raped by a boy who was only 1 year older than me. He would hit me with golf clubs, metal bars, thick tree branches, and he would punch and kick me. He raped me almost every day for 3 years. He used to call me horrible names, tell me nobody liked me and that I was ugly and had greasy hair. He would embarrass me in front of groups of ‘friends’. One time he even told me to put my bra in my pocket after taping me, then made me empty my pockets in front of a large group calling me a slut, and said I would sleep with anyone. I reported all incidents in 2009, but was failed by the justice system. I then reported the crime again in 2015, where I then got my day in court, however I did not get a positive outcome due to lack of evidence and with it being a large time scale (2006-2009) it was hard to prove. I thought I would never be able to live a happy life as I am reminded every day of the horrible things he said/done to me. I now have a beautiful baby boy who makes me stronger every single day and I know that one day I will be as happy as I deserve to be ❤️.