2 years ago I was dating a guy for approximately 4 weeks. We fought a lot already but never anything physical until this night. We were drinking and over did it. We started arguing and it kept escalating until he had me on the kitchen floor on top of me hitting me in the face with a closed fist. I already knew I would have a black eye the next day and told him so. After that I went and got into bed and the arguing continued... I rolled to face away from where he was and put the covers over my head. The next thing I know something hit me in the eye and my face started pouring blood all over my bed. I screamed for him to call an ambulance which he did. When EMS arrived I lied to them and told them that I slipped coming up the porch steps in the rain and hit the hand rail. I told the same story in the hospital when I had to go under for emergency surgery to close my eye ball which was ruptured with a tear from 12:00 to 6:00... I wasn’t aware at the time but what happened was he either hit me with or threw an iPad at me, going thru my eyelid completely, rupturing my eyeball and fracturing my eye socket in two places behind my eye and on the socket floor... There was hope at first of regaining vision in the eye and saving it but after 8 weeks of trying to heal and it just becoming diseased and shrinking and being painful, the injury was so severe that the eye had to be removed and now I have a prosthetic... He never did get in trouble for assaulting me but is currently serving a 2 year prison sentence for assaulting his next victim and causing her to have stitches in her face... This charge he’s on now would be his 5th assault, 6th had I spoke up when they asked me. Not only did I end up with a black eye the next day I ended up with a black eye on one side and a ruptured and broken eye with bruising, swelling, stitches, nerve damage, etc.

A. Weir