I was made to believe that I wasn't enough and that I would never be enough. He made me push away my family member, and push away my friends until I had nothing, and then he pulled the rug from under my feet. But I guess that was the best thing he ever did for me because now I'm in love with someone who loves me back. And that's all I ever needed.

"I wish you were fat" he said "so that nobody would ever want you" he was sweet like antifreeze until you were dead inside. "I wouldn't care if you did porn, as long as you brought us home money" this from the man who "loved me" but love isn't just saying the words love is your actions love isn't pushing someone down every time they gain traction. He said "nobody will ever love you" made me feel like the mad hatter "You're crazy" he said as he left my heart on a platter. . Years later those words still ring in my ear "will I ever be good enough?"... I still say in fear. Now its 4 years later and I have a beautiful daughter and I'm lucky enough to say......"you are not the father”.