Hi my name is Jennifer. I suffered 11 years of abuse from my ex and his mom. From 2003 until I finally left in 2014. Have had to seek counseling since leaving. I still feel the effects even now of the abuse I went through. The abuse destroyed my image of men and God. My ex physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually abused me. I got away but still haunted every day. Every day my ex and his mom and new partner taunt me. I have to co-parent with him and his mom. When I left they took my boys from me. I get 8 hours with them every Saturday. It's still not enough. I’ve lost so much precious time with my children and it hurts. I stay anxious and depressed. I find that trying to tell others is hard because nobody but my family believe me because my ex and his mom have everyone fooled. They have destroyed my name with smear campaigns and I haven't been able to share what I went through. He made himself into the victim. My ex was a Baptist preacher too but one catch was he was addicted to porn, violence and control. I just wish I could forget everything.

J. Hill