At 14, I got raped by 2 men. One of the men was married to a friend of mine, the other had shown up after I had passed out so I'm not sure who he even was. I'm almost positive they put something in my drink because I still have flashbacks of waking up a few times during the incident but couldn't speak.

At 15, I got into a relationship with a 19 year old boy who was once the star football player in high school. A year spent with him was a year of him cheating every chance he got. He had even asked me to go home so he could sleep with my "friend". One year on New Year's Eve, he was mad that I saw him kissing another girl and wanted to leave so he grabbed me by the throats and punched me in the face in front of about 50 people. I ended up getting pregnant and was forced to get an abortion.

At 19, I moved to another state with nothing to my name, just trying to start over. I met a man who was pure evil. I was black and blue the entire 6 months I had to be with him. I wasn't allowed to wear anything besides old t-shirts, makeup, and couldn't fix my hair. I wasn't allowed to talk to male waiters or cashiers. I had no way out. 4 months into the relationship I found out I was pregnant. The abuse got worse. He was abusive towards me and his 2 year old daughter, throwing her off of me to slam me on the coffee table or the wall. He'd dig his nails into me when I'd look at any car passing. I finally left while he was at work and drove 11 hours to my hometown with only a bag of clothes and my unborn baby. He’s 4 now and I'm so terrified of him* finding out about him since I told him I had a miscarriage. It haunts me daily.