At the age of 21 my ex-boyfriend woke me from a sound sleep telling me someone had broken in our then apartment. When I got out of bed he hit me with an 18 inch pipe wrench I turned to warn him and saw his face in the moon light, we preceded to struggle as he held me against him beating me in the back of head and back. I reached out and found toaster which I struck him in the head with. This did not stop his attack, we made our way through kitchen and I was able to push him away and open back door. He yanked me back and I thought he broke my collar bone as I felt a snap, at that point I mustered everything I had left and pushed him running out back door. I ran to front of our apartment building and a neighbor let me in. My ex called police and said someone broke in and beat me. When police arrived I lost adrenaline rush and collapsed. I had over 80 stables in my head as well as stitches in the deepest wound, I had twin bruises over each kidney and two black eyes. I am now 46 and suffer from PTSD due to attack. He pleaded down to assault with a deadly weapon and served five years

K. Gardner