One night, my friend and I were deciding to go out. She told me she had met some nice boys the previous week and they had invited us to join them. So we joined them, they all seemed very nice, they were very wealthy and paid for everything and we had good fun! I was particularly friendly with one of the guys so afterwards we went back to his house (some of the boys, the guy I liked, my friend and I). Towards the end of the night, the guy I liked and I ended up having sex which was fine, I was into it and it was all good. I fell to sleep afterwards and woke up later to another one of the boys waking me up (the guy I had sex with was nowhere to be seen). The boy who woke me up then proceeded to rape me and then called another boy in and they done it together whilst I shouted and cried and they laughed and imitated my cries afterwards. I remember after I was completely frozen, in shock and all I could do was lie there. The boys asked me if I wanted to get a taxi home and “are you ok?” I couldn’t believe the audacity. They brought me in the elevator down, I still couldn’t speak, still in shock and couldn’t look at them, only the ground. I got in a taxi and got home, I still hadn’t reacted to what had just happened until I called my best friend and then I burst out crying. The next few days were difficult, I missed work, and stayed in bed, and cried, and played in my head over and over what they said to me. Things such as “if you fucked our friend on the first night then you’re a slut anyway so we can fuck you too” “we paid for everything tonight, you owe us” and other gross things. I couldn’t help feeling like it was my fault, but it was for my best friend being an amazing support system that I realized that this was NOT my fault and that these people are simply just disgusting people. It took a while but I got on with my life, I went to parties again, I dated boys and now I even have sex again (maybe even a little too much). I’m so proud of how far I’ve came since that night and I think it’s so important we speak about how often this happens to young girls just like me.