When I was 15 I met a man online who was 23, his name was Andrew and he was very sweet and kind to me. He made me feel like an adult, he would tell me how beautiful I was and how I made him happy. About 2 weeks in to this endeavor, he began asking me for pictures. Harmless pictures of my face, and he made me feel so special because no one else ever said those things to me. Pretty soon he got bored with the selfies and began asking for nudes. I was young, and this particular man had a short temper with me, so I didn’t want to upset him. I send him a few pictures of me in my underwear, and he would send back pictures of “how much I turned him on.” Very revealing, disgusting pictures of how I pleased him. Eventually, he started using my pictures to get more from me.

Whenever I would tell him no to sending pictures or videos of myself, touching myself/ being seductive, he would claim he had my father’s phone number and would send him everything I’ve ever trusted him with. He told me he found me on Facebook and said he would send all my friends my pictures, that he would expose me. I was young, and afraid, and I gave into him.
Andrew got bored of the hundreds of videos I eventually sent him that he would ask for multiple times a day. So he asked me to meet up with him, that he loved me and wanted to be able to take my virginity, because of course, “he loved me.”

This was after months on abuse and black mailing of me, and I was tired. Eventually after all this, I was so tired of being used and taken advantage of, I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care if he exposed me because at least I’d be rid of him. I didn’t care about myself anymore because I felt used and worthless. So I did what I wanted to do for the first time in months, and I told him no. I refused to let that man take what I had left.

I challenged him for the first time, I was so afraid of what might come. But nothing did, he told me he was tired of my “childish stupidity” and he left. I blocked him on every single social media, and even blocked his number on every phone within my family. I stood up for myself, and was finally free.