My boyfriend went out of town, so I met up with an old friend for his brothers 21st birthday. This old friend was a man that I always felt safe and protected with, one of my best friends, with whom I shared a lot of love and memories. I had too much to drink at the party, and my friend “escorted” me to bed. Where he continued to have intercourse with me, despite my cries, and forgetting, (or not realizing,) to remove my tampon. I’m not sure at which point I passed out, but when I woke in the morning, I ran to my car - ripped panties and no pants.

I felt betrayed, and ruined, and just flat out disgusting. Not only had this horrible thing just happened to me, but I could even call the one person I had to protect me, because he was the one who had hurt me. I told my mother, my boyfriend, and my best girlfriend. The only to believe me was my mother. I was shunned and out casted by everyone else I knew, because, “He’s such a great guy. I know he wouldn’t do that. I can’t believe you would lie like that and ruin his life.” My life was shattered for a long time, but I picked myself back up and focused on my money, and my son.

Almost two years have gone by now, and I can’t say I’m over it, but I can say I’m happy. I have two beautiful children, a great job, and I’m engaged to be married to the love of my life. There is hope. There are others. I found solace in talking with other victims and survivors, and spent a lot of time contemplating life and its meaning alone. I went through some very, very dark times, but I always found the light. You are not your story.