I was about 7 or 8 years old when my parents decided to call a close family friend of ours and ask if their 16/17 year old son could baby sit me so they could go out. I had grown up with this family and their mom was even my Godmother. I remember saying that I was bored and wanting something to do so he suggested we play Simon Says. Being a little kid of course I loved the game. He said “ Simon says tell me who you have a crush on at school.” I said I had a crush on a boy in my class and his response was “I’m going to show you how you’ll know if a boy likes you.” He then proceeds to pull down my pants and penetrate me anally. I don’t remember much after as I blocked it out for a long time. I remember going to the bathroom afterward and he came in while I was on the toilet telling me that I couldn’t tell anyone. I remember him asking if I was okay. I remember going to their house a few weeks later and he rubbed his genitals on my back while I watched a movie. He did this quite a few times. I never told my family. And when I finally spoke up and told a guy I was seriously dating at the time his response was that he wished I didn’t tell him because now he sees me differently. After we broke up years later I decided I’d never open up to anyone about it ever again after he made me feel so guilty for telling him my story.