I was a freshman in highschool. I started becoming close friends with a girl I grew up with since elementary, going to her house, hanging out with her friends. I even started going to church with this girl. The day it happened was like any ordinary day. We were all going to hang out at a park near our school and I was to go to church with my friend after. They were going drugs taking some pill, which I decided not to do anything with. One of the guy friends at the time started coming on to me. I knew he had a girlfriend, so I said no to any advancements. He then started forcing himself to kiss me, moving my hands away and just made me uncomfortable overall. He then told me to go to the bathroom with him for privacy so we can talk. Now that I’m older I should have told my younger self to never go in there, I was too innocent. He took advantage. I froze, I couldn’t even scream for help. All I remember is praying over and over for it to stop. When it did I confided in my female friend, went to church and came back home. I remember laying in bed with my mom (we shared a room) and just crying. When my mom asked me what was wrong, all I told her was that I missed my nana who passed away. When I got back to school things we’re still normal and I had only told one person. When I did decide to tell my mom what happened, she went and reported it to the school and to the police. That’s when things started spreading as a wildfire, people were calling me a slut, say that I wanted it and I give blowjobs for money. I was 15. My female friend made fun of me everytime I would see him, copying my terrified facial expression. Everyone I grew up with turned their back on me. The day I attempted suicide was the day one of my friends then, in front of everyone claimed how a girl is accusing a boy of sexual assult because they had sex and her mom found out and made a big deal out of it. Looking back at it now, I don’t blame the people who made those comments, who threatened to kill me and jump me after class. They were young as was I, they didn’t comprehend the severity of the situation.