I’m not too good at writing but I’m going to share my story. This was around 2013-2014 I was around 18/19 at the time. I was coming home from work one night and I stopped at the deli around my house to grab something to eat. When I was approached by a guy I’ve seen around my way before. He was trying to flirt with me and I was flattered because he was very good looking but I could tell he was drinking because I smelled the liquor coming from his breath. So he’s walking me back to my building and I asked him do you have a girlfriend and he says no. So I agreed to give him my number and after that were texting very frequently and some time down the line I sent him pictures of myself naked with the intention of having his eyes be the only set to see them. Well I learned shortly after that that apparently he did have a girlfriend because she texts me the next day through his phone asking me if I knew about her and saying that I’m a slut and I’m going to be sorry for what I did. So of course I’m confused and hurt because he told me he wasn’t with anyone if I knew I would have never given him the time of day. It turns out I knew his girlfriend I used to work with her for a short period of time because I had left the job about a month after she started but we instantly clicked and had followed each other on social media. But I only found that out after I get on Instagram and see that she had posted up one of my naked pictures and tagged me on it! It not only showed my whole body completely bare but it also showed my face and plus she had tagged me in the picture so everyone knew who it was. I was angry but more than angry I was embarrassed and hurt and I felt betrayed. I had people adding me just because they saw my picture and thought I was easy. I had people harass me through direct message and also on the streets, especially guys. The guy who’s name starts with an S was from around my house so a lot of his friends who were from around my way have also pictures. And a lot of other people that followed her were from my neighborhood so I would walk down the streets and get these stares and laughed at and get whistled at and had inappropriate things said to me. I had one guy shout to me a block away from my house “best titties in Washington heights” while I was walking with my aunt. After the girl put the picture up I begged and pleaded with her to take the picture down that I did not know they were together. Her name starts with an L. After that u deleted my Instagram and basically went into hiding. I didn’t like to go out during the day. And every time someone stares at me a little too long I swear it’s because of that picture. I cried for weeks after that and went into depression. I was so humiliated. I do not wish that on anyone. I felt so helpless. Last I heard S and L are not together anymore because he has a problem with cheating and she has a problem with keeping her hands to herself