I have been a victim of abuse of every type. I was raped by my stepfather from the time I was 5-9yrs old and he began molesting me at age 4. He was sentenced to 20yrs and only spent 3 and a half years in prison in McAllister Oklahoma penitentiary and was released for good behavior. From there on my mother began dating men whom she allowed to abuse me daily. She had a boyfriend named Randy who would beat me with two by fours across my back, skull& legs leaving me with permanent issues in my back and hips, as well as ptsd. he also had a puppy he was too lazy to train and if it pottied on the floor he would rub my face in it out of anger. She also dated a man named Dewey who would force me to carry him (260lbs) on my back for blocks until I would collapse as punishment, bound me in a tub n let the water slow drip in the middle of my forehead all day with the tub plugged until it filled and when I would stop breathing due to water in my lungs he'd pull me out and resuscitate me. My mother would tell me daily that she hated me and even recently said she would never tell me who my father is because she wants me to die alone. There are even worse things I went through in childhood but I'd cause myself more damage to speak of them. I've had two ex fiances that were physically abusive to me beating me if they were angry no matter if I didn't cause it. One cost me my eyebrow and cartilage piercings both because they became infected due to his repeatedly hitting me. I was recently trapped in a roommate situation where I'd known the guy for the better part of a decade with him calling me his daughter where he physically abused my son& verbally & emotionally abused my son and I both , drained US of our money and left us without a home to live in because he couldn't use us anymore.

T. Cooper