I am a survivor of a 2 year relationship filled with domestic abuse, mentally, physically and sexually. I never thought I would get out of it, but I did. And for the last 3 years I have been free, free to live my life not being afraid to do or say the wrong thing. Free to walk around and not have to worry I’m being followed, free to keep my passwords to myself and free to be able to text freely and keep my call history on my phone.
This man, this poor excuse for a human being tried to ruin my life and tried to control every aspect of it. He made me believe that I was the crazy one, that all of my friends agreed with him to the point I was afraid to ask them for help because I was certain they where all on his side.
He used to hide my keys, and then put them back in the first place I looked, the same place I looked a dozen times and he would show them to me in that place.
He would lock the door in a specific way, and when I questioned it he would snigger with his friends and say “I told you she was mental”
He would get everyone on his side, and tell them that I blacked out and would hit him, bite him, scratch him when I knew I hadn’t, but he made me doubt myself. I would wake up on a morning to him entering me to have morning sex without my permission.

I would cry every day, and self harm every day because I felt so worthless and wanted to die just to get out of his company.

I found my strength and I left, I did not look back and I just left.

I reported him to the police but my evidence, photographic evidence wasn’t enough to prove what he did to me because it took me a while to report it.

I am not free of every thing and living a happy life

It’s possible.

S. Wardell