In April, year 2013, day 13, I was your typical 17 year old. I have been abused most of my life on many occasions, but this one, was the first one that happened through sexual intercourse. He raped me. He was completely sober, and I was not. In fact, I was the only one so far gone that I couldn't stand up hardly, even with assistance. That part was my fault, but what followed thereafter wasn't and never will be my fault. My two friends, my brother, and one of my friend's girlfriends was who I was accompanied by. Everyone knew what was happening, and no one did anything. Forgiveness is hard. Surviving, and moving forward is harder. There were many times I blamed myself. I was even told by many, he didn't rape me, and my two "friends". I set the record straight with them. He never went to prison for what he did. It was brushed off. Because I was under the influence, and because I "changed my mind during", it was consensual. But I know, and everyone knows, and yet, here I am. Surviving. Because, I know I couldn't let it destroy me. I'll close with saying, it took awhile to accept myself too. But, after I truly realized what had happened to me wasn't my fault, it wasn't important to me, that I moved forward. Never to let it stay with me, because it's the past. It happened for a reason. But I'm here, I'm alive, and I have my support that I need. I'm surviving everyday. He may have taken my dignity, but he isn't in control of me anymore. I'm the survivor. Not a victim. So, I won't play the part. Everyone survives something.