I was dating a guy for almost a year who when we broke up he got really angry and threw me into a wall. I quickly ended things 100% there after that. A few months go by. I’m living in the apartment we shared. He had gone back to live at his parents. I had a job at a hotel and most of the other staff were male and I always got along with men better than women simply because I grew up around a lot of male cousins and everything so i just always connected best with guys as friends. I had one guy that we were close and were seeing eachother a bit. It came the day where my ex and I had an agreement that he would do some minor repairs and i would paibt the walls back and clean. I did my part and went to bring him the keys and he screamed in my face and told me to forget it. I was really upset because I still cared about him and I have anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder and it was winter. I texted my coworker I was seeing and asked him to come over and hangout and cheer me up and I very clear that I didn’t want to have sex because I was emotionally drained and very upset and having an anxiety attack. He said “Yea no problem.”
So he came over and we talked and hung out and watch movies. I was feeling tired and weak from all the crying. He went to kiss me and I told him “No, I don’t want to. Stop” he proceeded to try to take off my pants as I kept telling him no and pulling my pants back. I told him to leave. He wouldnt. This went on for a bit. I eventually was tired from the struggling and he forced himself on me until I had enough energy again and pished him off me and told hom to get the fuck out. He had the nerve to say, “oh, I thougt you wanted it” despite me telling him repeatedly “No” and “Stop” and “I don’t want to.”
I haven’t talked to him since and quit that job right after.