I’ve been a victim of sexual assault numerous times. The assualt that stands out most to me was my first assault, maybe if it was handled differently I would have been able to prevent the many more attacks.
I woke up to find my boyfriends fingers inside of me. I was 15. I was a virgin. He was my first proper boyfriend. I was terrified. I didn’t move, I froze. I waited till it was over. I tried telling my friends and they passed it off and thought it was boys being boys, “they’re aloud to be curious”. Word got out at school, I had told my friends it was assault and was looking for advice, I was batted down and told I was a liar, attention seeker, slut. Gruesome posters were put up around school of me and rape jokes were made. The whole situation was mocked and turned into a joke. Years after the event he tried to contact me and even admitted what he had done and even apologised. I feel sorry for him now, young people need to be taught what sexual harrassment is and whats ok and what isn’t. I really wish my 15 year old self was able to seek the real help. I wish I knew it was wrong and wasn’t convinced it was normal.

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