The violent abusive relationship i was in almost killed me. Our relationship started out like any other,but later turned so violent and so scary that i wished that i would die. He sucluded me from all of my family for weeks, beat me, brused me, took advantage of me sexually i was throwing up black tar and he stood over me yelling at me for not wanting to be in the mood,he made me lose my job took my money and took me all the way to west virginia where i miscarried, i didnt say a word to anyone about that and still haven't.He threatend to leave me in west virginia and to be honest i would have been okay with that,because that would have ment not being near that evil creature again.The weeks passed and i had never felt so tired, so scared and so alone in my entire life.He took me to work with him everyday because he didn't trust me,and one day i got the courage to ask his boss in secret to use his phone.I dialed my moms number shakey,and praying she would answer and not hate me,she answered and in a rush and flood of emotions i asked her please to come get me while he was busy while i could make a break for it she said yes. Sadly he found out,and as soon as he found out he dragged me to his truck and threw me in got in and started to drive off,my mom and God mom must have been doing 100 because as soon as he was leaving they were showing up,I don't know why i don't know what,but he stopped and they argued i was so scared i was like a deer in the headlights.My God mom bravely got out of her car walked around his truck all while he was threatening to run her over came over to my door swung it open as he was starting to go and yanked me i went flying out on the ground and his truck is in the distance. That moment i can't even explain that moment it was a weight lifted off me and i started to cry and cry, we weren't in the clear yet, i headed to the hospital where i was admitted into the psych unit to protect me and to help me get back to normal but that was going to take time alot of time at that. The night i was admitted he called my house over 100 times my step-father had to call the police and un-plugg the phone.A few weeks later i got out but i went and made a restraining order which ment i had to face him in court 3 or 4 court dates later i finally was able to rest a little easier but i still had alot of personal work to do. its been 5 years since i got the courage to leave and in that 5 years i have found my soul mate and i have 2 beautiful girls im glad that i kept fighting im glad that somehow i survived i dont know why or how but i did and i am grateful everyday that i am alive.

K. Crow