I don’t know where to start or how to start my story. I'm going to make it short because my story is what I will use for my master’s degree in social work. I was married to man I didn’t really know much about. I thought I was in love and when he got arrested and went to jail I married him. I stood by him through thick and thin while he was incarcerated.

When he finally was release it took him only three days to truly show his true colors in abuse. I was shocked. We lasted just nine months only. I felt like I was with him for ten years. I’ve been raped, burned, choked, punched, almost suffocated with a pillow, slapped, body slammed against the wall and floors, bitten, called names, cursed, cheated on, robbed, held hostage, etc. etc. etc. It’s been in the Bronx cable news many times. I’ve gone to court many times.

I’ve gotten him arrested many times and the courts has failed me. I was only given a five year order of protection cause I didn’t want to face him in court. I feared him and what his family were capable of doing to me. I took matters to my own hands and disappeared once he was charged for another crime he committed for unlawful surveillance for recording females back without their permission. Sick man. I left and moved back to my hometown where I grew up near my family and friends.

I am now a recent college graduate with a degree in mental health and human services for domestic violence. At present time I'm still furthering my degree in Social Work in child welfare. My life struggles and experiences is longer and deeper than what I’ve written. But my past made me the strong woman I am now today nor do I regret it.

E. Romero