I spent 16 years as the victim of domestic violence people used to say run don’t stay there but I felt controlled an very trapped it wasn’t just the punches or the kicks it was the mental abuse also, the screaming in my face that I would never amount to anything that I was a dirty whore..I had 4 children with this man and tried on a daily basis to always please him but nothing was ever good enough he cheated on me and I still stayed.......but I have broken free I did this 18 months ago it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done me and my children are free I would never ever look back...and I now feel very empowered and strong I have an awesome circle of friends and family that support me in everything I do, I’ve realized he is not scary or invincible he is just a sad bully and a normal human being I’ve come out on the other side and I’m so proud of myself so I urge anyone that is being abused in any way to speak out you really can do this xxxxx

M. Flash

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