How do you start something like this?
With a message... I received a message from him...
He was my childhood sweetheart, yet I hadn’t spoken to him in years.
Just a simple “hello how are you?” I had butterflies in my stomach.
It was HIM... the one that got away.

We spoke for a few days about this and that. It was perfect. I decided to offer him my sofa to stay on because he told me he had been kicked out and was sofa surfing.
Fast forward 2 weeks.

Life was perfect. He was here. He got on well with my son. He spoiled us rotten. We were so in love. It was a dream come true.
Fast forward 1 month. We had started arguing a lot now, about silly things. Mainly because I was jealous of all the women he spoke to.
He was shouting at me and I was crying back at him... then bang. Out of nowhere came his hand wrapping itself round my throat and slamming me onto my sofa. Covering my mouth with the other hand. He held me in this position for only 30 seconds yet it felt like an eternity! That was the first time I saw the monster he was. I tried to figure out why he did it.

But he promised he wouldn’t flip out again. He was so sorry. He was crying. I forgave him for that. It happened again a few days later but this time my next door neighbor barged into my house and threw him off me. Again I forgave him. How stupid was I? Then he started drinking a lot. We would argue because I wouldn’t spend my last £5 on wine for him to get drunk on.
Fast forward a couple more weeks.

He had a job! Today was his first day starting his job. I was up early with my son, asked him to go get me some more tobacco from the shop before he left because I was rolling the last of it... he pushed me and the cigarette flew out of my hand. I shouted at him “what did you do that for?!” So he screamed at me, pushed me again and again, I managed to get my son and take him to his room so he wouldn’t see what the monster was doing to me. The monster followed me upstairs... he was there as I closed the door to my sons room. Pinned me up against the wall so hard it left dents in the wall. He was screaming vulgar, sick things in my face. I struggled and managed to escape his grasps. He caught me at the top of the stairs and as he was pushing me he fell down the stairs. I went running to see if he was okay and then it clicked “I don’t love him. I hate him” so I walked over him and left him there crying how he had broken his leg and hurt his back. (Lies) somehow he ended up outside and I had bolted the door, he tried the door again and again. As I was trying to shut it again he trapped my hand in the door and blood started pouring from my hand. I managed to get away and make a few phone calls. One to the police, one to my son’s dad and one to my sister. They all rushed over, yet he was still loitering around my property.

He was a monster. A pure evil monster. To this day he still beats up his girlfriends. I feel sorry for them.
I still suffer from mental and physical scars from him.
How do I end this?
With a note maybe?
If he hits you once.... run! Leave him and never go back!

E. Kaye