It started off innocent, I met him at the fair last July 2017. He seemed so perfectly amazing. I fell in love with him by the way he smiled at me and the way he talked to me. I thought he really loved me. We started dating, and he seemed perfect. He’d say the right words to me, but as our relationship went on, (2 months into it) he started becoming verbally abusive with me.

I’ve never experienced this before, but I was so wrapped up into him that I didn’t realize the true him that he was. He’d search threw my phone without my permission, tell me I couldn’t wear a low cut shirt showing some cleavage, would get very angry and in my face if I didn’t do what he wanted me to do. Then, 3 months into the relationship, I spent the night at his house. I’ve never been abused before till this day. He grabbed my phone randomly and searched through it. He proceeded to get angry because I took a screenshot of our conversations because I was afraid for my wellbeing on this earth.

He hit me, and I didn’t do anything about it. I silently cried and then he told me never to leave him. I didn’t, because I was so lost and felt as if I had zero power. There were more scary incidents that happened like the time when he got very severely drunk. He pulled out a BB gun on me, pulled it up to my neck and said “you better never ever leave me you f***** b*****”.

Later on, I got a harassment order on him and I haven’t heard from him since.

M. Baker