It’s my 4th birthday. My favorite uncle was always nice to me. He bought me gifts and gave me candy all the time. He was 17 so he was a child like me.

On the afternoon of my 4th birthday, he told me he had a special present for my upstairs. I quickly followed him up the stairs and into his room (where he had went). He shut and locked the door. In that room I was forced to have sex with him. In that room, he told me I would get in trouble if I told my mum. I kept it quiet.

It started happening more often and more frequently to the point, I really didn’t want to do it but because my parents were abusive, I didn’t know whether it was worth getting in trouble. So, I told my uncle’s friends. They told me that my uncle would get in lots of trouble if I told anyone else and he could go to prison. They scared me so much, to this day I still haven’t reported it to the police.

However, these friends of his told my grandparents and parents. I was no longer to go upstairs with him but they told me I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

I still see him once every two months because I have to in order to see my grandparents (he lives with them). To this day I am still frightened to tell authorities because I have “left it too long”.