I started off my night drinking and hanging out with my friends. It was a much laid back environment and we had done this multiple times before. While there I had been texting a guy that I had been talking to. Be wanted me to come over and kept saying that we didn't have to have sex, we could just hang out. I told him I would think about it.

When it was over my friends and I headed back to campus, but I decide that I would go to his apartment to hang out. When I got there him, his roommate, and I just hung out for a bit talking before me and him moved to his room. At this point we decided to have sex (which was done and consensual). Afterwards I fell asleep while he was watching a show on Netflix. Maybe an hour or so later I woke up to his fingers inside of me and him kissing my neck. I sit up and ask him if he realized that I was asleep and he tells me that yes, he did realize it, but he thought it would be sexy.

I try to explain to him that he should ask before doing something because waking up to that wasn't something that I was okay with and then I leave, by myself in the rain at 5 in the morning. He later texts me asking what he did wrong (despite that fact that I had already told him) and when I asked him to stop talking to me and leave me alone he do continued texting me asking to hang out or sleep with me. It got to the point where even his friends were asking him why I didn't come over anymore and he asked me what to tell him.

I felt violated but like somehow it wasn't valid because I had said yes to sex before that and that made dealing with the whole situation really hard for me even without me reporting it. My friends even got frustrated with me afterwards for not calling them for help but at the time I didn't feel the situation was valid enough to talk about.