I dated a man back in 2015. He ended up being extremely abusive emotionally, psychologically, and physically. He was possessive and constantly accused me of cheating. He needed to have constant access to my phone and all my passwords. When I was sleeping or not around, he would go through all my messages, even messages that predated the relationship by months or years.

I felt as though I had nothing to hide, because I was loyal the entire time, but he found old flirty conversations from long before I met him and he constantly accused me of cheating with one particular man, saying I wanted to be with him instead.

When I finally got the courage to leave, he took the nude photos I had sent him and spread them to all my male Facebook friends using a fake account with my name. He told people that I was the one sending the photos for attention.

I am a competitive powwow dancer, so I have a very large network of people on my Facebook. These photos were sent to hundreds of people. My closest friends informed me about it and deleted the photos they received, but many people to this day are still sharing the photos with their friends. Every now and then I am notified that they are still in circulation among powwow networks. Sometimes it happens when I am right there at the same event, so they share these photos and laugh at me.

Apart from sending out those photos, he also harassed me for over a year, creating new accounts after each one that I blocked and making mocking statuses about me, posting lies about me, and perpetuating untrue rumors about me. Our powwow networks overlapped so the people he was reaching with these posts knew me and I knew that his goal was to hurt my reputation as a dancer.

He texted me threats and then apologies back to back constantly. I did go to the police with screenshots as evidence, but he counter-charged so I dropped the case because I knew how manipulative he was and I became afraid.

I thankfully haven't heard from him for over a year now, but I am still dealing with the revenge porn and the rumors he started about me.