My story begins when I was 15, I am now 18. My birthday just passed and I was registered at a new high school. I didn't have any friends and I didn't know anyone. But one boy decided to approach me and soon we became friends.

Our friendship grew and I came to trust him, even though I don't do that very easily. After 6 months of getting to know each other he told me he liked me more than a friend and I had the same feelings, we decided to date. Everything was good for the first three months of our relationship and then I found another friend that was a guy.

My boyfriend of the time got so insanely (literally insane) jealous, that he began coming to my high school during my lunches and off hours to "hang out" with me, just to get me away from my new guy-friend. I started to distance myself because I was freaked out that he would show up at my school without being invited.

Shortly after that he started driving to my house uninvited, and when I would turn him away he would drive to the end of my street and watch my house from a distance to see if I ever left or had someone over. I didn't know that was happening until he sent pictures of my friends and me walking in and out of my house on an anonymous number.

Then he started getting abusive, every time he would come over my parents weren't home and he wasn't invited. He would pin me down then cut my arms, sides, and legs with a straight razor. Then he would hit me in the face and chest, and if he wanted to leave bruises he would punch me in the back. (I still have bad back problems) I didn't know how to tell my mom, I didn't want her to worry about what was going on. So when she noticed the marks on me I told her I was harming myself, which leads to two years of therapy.

I finally ended the relationship three months after my 16th birthday when he showed up at my place of work and insisted that I take my lunch break and get into his car. I decided I would do what he said because I was terrified. When I got into his car he put his hand around my neck and said "If you don't stop hanging out with _____ (my current guy friend) by Friday, I'm going to kill you, your family, and him." Then continued to describe the way he would kill all of us. (Too graphic to describe)

After this event, I went back into work and started crying to my friend about what happened. He texted my mom for me and told her what had happened. My mom called me crying and told me she was going to call the police and consider filing a restraining order against him.

I haven't seen him since this happened, and I never hope I do. And I hope that anyone going through this kind of abuse currently stands up to their abuser and reaches out for help. I promise there are people out there that will help you.