3 years ago, on January 23 2015 I was a victim of a gruesome domestic violence. I faced adversity head on and like a champ! I didn’t let this incident define me nor did I let it get the best of me. IN FACT, I became a better person since that tragedy.

3 years ago whom I thought to be the love of my life, ended up being my WORST nightmare! On January 23, 2015 he beat me to a bloody pulp; for 12 hours straight! Blackening both my eyes and breaking my neck and THEN raping my lifeless body, resulting in an incomplete spinal cord injury and 2 plates in my neck and a spinal fusion, also leaving me paralyzed. I was told after surgery that there’s a damn good chance that I would never walk again; never have the use of my legs.

At that point not only was my mental health state hopeless for me (so I thought) so were my legs, (again-so I thought). I was hospitalized and in a wheel chair for 3 months. The day the doctors told me I would not walk again, was the day I decided that I AM IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE AND NO ONE ELSE. After my spinal cord was no longer swollen and recovering from spinal surgery, I slowly gained movement back in my lower extremities it may have taken over a year to learn how to walk again fully, but that’s the thing....everything takes time!! And in that time I learned that impossible, to me, actually meant ‘IM POSSIBLE’ so next time you are struggling folks, remember that and also remember to give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourselves because in reality we are such self-abusing people, whether it’s intentional or not. Throughout this journey I’ve realized and been proven to, that #iamnotalone and neither are you!

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S. Scott